4 Pack of 200g Naturally Activated Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags | Natural Home Deodorizer Bags | Organic, Eco Friendly & Chemical Free | Odor Eliminator & Moisture Absorber Freshener Bags

  • SUPER STRONG ACTIVATED BAMBOO BAGS – Products4Future air deodorizer bags are TOP quality and efficient. 4 times better than regular charcoal as each natural air purifier bag contains activated charcoal from sustainable Moso bamboo processed with high temperature oxygen-free carbonization. These bamboo bags are the best choice for cleaning air and remove odor.
  • MAINTAIN A FRESH & BREATHABLE ENVIRONMENT – Products4Future air purifying bags naturally eliminates odors, absorbs moisture Keep you away from unpleasant smells by absorbing air-borne molecule, excess moisture and odor molecule. Reduce the spread of some substances. They will help you make your place to breathe clean and fresh air again.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY & LONG LASTING – 100% natural organic and chemical free odor absorbing bags have an anion charge and a porous structure. With that deodorizer bags eliminate odors instead of covering odor. For the best results expose bamboo bags to the sun for 1-2 hours every month, which can remove the odor absorbed and moisture trap inside activated bamboo bags and maintain the adsorption of natural air freshener bamboo charcoal bags. After 2 years you can recycle them in your garden
  • 4 PACK FOR EVERY PLACE – 4 x 200g pyramid shape & classy style set is designed to enhance your place, so they’ll blend in with any decor. Products4Future home deodorizer bags can clean & freshen the air in up to 100 square feet of living space. As the bamboo charcoal particles have a larger specific surface area, which means our activated charcoal air purifiers bags have a stronger adsorption cleaning capacity. Ideal to use in kitchen, bedroom, basement, car, closet, fridge, freezer, etc.
  • SAFE FOR PETS & KIDS – These air purifying bags are made from natural microporous activated bamboo charcoal and are nontoxic, fragrance-free, biodegradable and chemical-free. And because of that they are harmless and safe to use around pets and kids. These pyramid shape bamboo bags are just as safe as they’re effective. You never have to worry about a bag of charcoal lying around.

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Our unscented air purifying bags work round the clock to make sure your home is naturally clean and fresh 24/7. Use them for big spaces like living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, nursery. Also, you can use them for small enclosed spaces like drawers, closets, cabinets, refrigerator and even in the trash area.


Say goodbye to room deodorizers or auto air fresheners that are made from chemicals. This activated bamboo charcoal bag is 100% nontoxic which protects you from airborne diseases.

Our Bamboo Charcoal Bags are organic, chemical-free and fragrance-free natural bamboo charcoal that allows your family and pets to breathe safely.


Products4Future 200 grams air purifying bags are a pyramid-shaped teal-colored build that enables them to stand on their own and lets you hang them anywhere in your household. They perfectly meld with the rest of your interiors made possible by their unique design that can also be used as a decoration to a modern and upscale home.