Do Charcoal Bags Work For Pet Odors?

Having pets in your home means that your home may be less fragrant. To deal with that, you can use some conventional cleaners or sprays. But the problem is that they’re not always effective or even safe for use around animals.

If you tried some methods but without any success or if you like to use natural products (plus you like effect without effort), we recommend using Products4future Activated Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags.

Using Products4future Activated Bamboo Bags is very simple. Just place them where the odor is and let the charcoal do its work. The secret is in activated charcoal, which can absorb pet odors. It usually takes only a few days to notice a difference in the way the air smells.

Check out our customer reviews. We are so glad, that you are happy with our products!

”I mean where to begin….. I have 3 kids, 4 cats, and a dog. Enough said. I put one of these in each bathroom, a bedroom, and over the litter box. Within hours I could already tell a difference! They don’t give off any scents, so when I walk into my house now it just smells like nothing. There’s no animal or toddler pee smell, no dirty laundry smell, nothing!! It’s just amazing.” – Momlife

”With several pets in the house, we have a definite need for odor control. I recently read about the bamboo charcoal air purifying bags and ordered a large selection. There are plenty of choices out there. Most of them are simple flat grey bags with a hole for hanging; some are available with hooks, most aren’t. The Products 4 Future bags are different. Instead of being flat, they are a pyramid shape. This means they can actually sit on any flat surface. They come in three decorative colors in addition to a grey one, and they have an attached color-matched satin ribbon for hanging. The shape, colors, and hanging ribbon really set these bags apart from all the others.” – Strachan

”Rooms smell fresher with these cute little pyramids. We have two dogs so those odors stay in the house. Placed these in the bathrooms, living room, and kitchen. It took a few days to notice, but the dog odors are gone!” – R. White

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  1. Karen pannell says:

    I picked up two bags at a resale shop. I don’t know how old they are. Can they be refreshed? How long do they last?

    • janez bahovec says:


      The bags last for up to 2 years.
      You can try to refresh them by putting them in the sun for a few hours and then after 2 weeks, you will see if they work.


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